Preventing Airborne Transmissions Of Viruses

Since the global impact of COVID-19, we are acutely aware of the risk of diseases dispersed through the air. Virologists, epidemiologists, fluid mechanics and engineers will join forces in the MIST programme to better understand and prevent airborne viral transmission. Under various conditions, the researchers will study the infectiousness of viruses, the spread of fluid droplets in the air, and the influence of ventilation and the purification of air on the transfer of viruses. They will subsequently translate this knowledge into practical recommendations about which measures can be deployed in the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable manner in various environments ranging from people at home to hospitals, schools and trains. 



Other relevant programs and projects

In addition to the MIST project, there are several other programs and projects underway aimed at enhancing indoor air quality and mitigating virus transmission through ventilation and air purification strategies. Below are some examples of projects working in this similar field. These initiatives collectively contribute to advancing our understanding and implementation of effective measures to safeguard indoor environments.


P3venti - Programma Pandemische Paraatheid en Ventilatie

P3Venti initiates, collects and combines high-quality research on how ventilation and air purification can contribute to limiting the spread of viruses through the air, with the aim of processing this into directly applicable advice for government and professionals.


CLAIRE - Clean air for everyone

In CLAIRE we investigate the possibilities that ventilation and air purification offer to limit the negative consequences of a pandemic for health and well-being.

08 July 2024

Fourth MIST Workshop - Issues in Practice

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05 June 2024

CLAIRE conference - Building bridges between research and business practice

22 May 2024

Second MIST Workshop – Issues in Practice