Project Set Up

The research program consists of the following five work packages.

WP1 - Infectivity of airborne pathogens in droplets

Leader: Dr. Mariëtte Lokate, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
WP1 will be the medical basis of the MIST program, where a multidisciplinary group of experts in medical microbiology, epidemiology, and physics will study the transmission of respiratory viruses due to aerosols. Within this work package, measurements involving human subjects will be performed to expand the knowledge of determinants that increase the spread of viruses over a larger distance. A proof of principle will be performed to estimate the concentrations of viruses within droplets required to cause an infection. Furthermore, a study on facemask fit and filtration will be performed.

WP2 - Spreading of airborne droplets

Leader: Prof. dr. Detlef Lohse, University of Twente (UT)
Spreading of airborne droplets: This WP focuses on the fluid dynamical fundamentals of airborne disease transmission. We will make use of experimental, numerically, and theoretically methods.

WP3 - Ventilation, development of ventilation concepts, air sanitization, CFD.

Leader: ML, Twan van Hooff,
WP3 focuses on detailed and rigorous analyses of potential ventilation and air cleaning concepts to limit airborne transmission of infectious diseases and on the inclusion of time-dependent ventilation scenarios and their effect on aerosol concentrations.

WP4 - Use Cases

Leader: Prof. Daniel Bonn, Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam (UvA)
WP4 Interfaces the industrial and societal partners with academie. The central question we are trying to answer together is what combination of technological and organizational measures are the most efficient, cost-effective and to mitigate the effect of the virus AND have good indoor air quality?

WP5 - Strategies for Infection Control

Leader: Prof. Dr. Ir. Atze Boerstra, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
The main focus within Work Package 5 (WP5) is on dissemination. In this work package the output of the other work packages will be ‘translated’ into engineering strategies for airborne infection control and hands-on information for e.g. building owners, facility managers, installers and other building installation professionals.