WP5 - Strategies for Infection Control

The main focus within Work Package 5 (WP5) is on dissemination. In this work package the output of the other work packages will be ‘translated’ into engineering strategies for airborne infection control and hands-on information for e.g. building owners, facility managers, installers and other building installation professionals.

WP5 sub-activities include:
  • Desk research & evaluation of existing ventilation and air cleaning guidance for COVID-19 (as produced during and after the recent pandemic in a selection of countries).
  • Interactive workshops with different kinds of stakeholders that will be designed to map out the needs and wants related to airborne infection risks and the application of ventilation and air cleaning solutions in practice.
  • Translation of program outputs e.g. of WP4 into practical terms, flowcharts, infographics, etcetera.
  • Publication of (online) guidance documents for end-users & general knowledge sharing for example via live and online events with practitioners.